June 5, 2023
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Rebekah Kolendah

Rebekah Kolenda may be a open figure and the spouse of Daniel Kolenda, a famous evangelist from the Joined together States. Rebekah was born within the early 1980s (1981 or 1982) in Florida. She is effectively included within the service and serves as a agent of the Christ for All Countries (CfaN) church, an worldwide evangelistic organization.

Whereas particular subtle elements around Rebekah Kolenda’s individual foundation and early life are not broadly accessible, her marriage to Daniel Kolenda has played a critical part in forming her open nearness. Together, they shape a energetic couple committed to spreading the Christian confidence and affecting lives through their service.

As a agent of CfaN, Rebekah Kolenda effectively bolsters her husband’s evangelistic tries and contributes to the organization’s in general mission. CfaN, established by evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, points to bring the message of salvation and trust to individuals over the tries the service conducts large-scale evangelistic occasions, frequently alluded to as “Gospel Campaigns,” in different nations, where they share the Gospel and witness significant changes.

Rebekah’s association in CfaN goes past insignificant back, as she has been an necessarily portion of the organization’s exercises. She helps in organizing and planning the coordinations of the Gospel Campaigns, guaranteeing smooth operations and impactful outreach endeavors. Rebekah too locks in in individual service, advertising direction and back to people looking for otherworldly development and mending.

As a open figure, Rebekah Kolenda illustrates a profound commitment to her confidence and shows qualities of sympathy, sympathy, and dedication. She represents the values and standards pushed by the Christ for All Countries Church and effectively takes an interest in activities pointed at emphatically affecting people and communities.

Rebekah Kolenda’s impact amplifies past her association with CfaN. Churchh her individual life and service, she serves as an motivation to numerous, empowering them to seek after a closer relationship with God and to grasp the transformative control of confidence. Her dedication to spreading the message of trust and salvation has touched endless lives, making her an powerful figure inside the Christian community.

Whereas particular deendeavoursarding Rebekah Kolenda’s accomplishments and tries may not be broadly accessible, her affect as a agent of the Christ for All Countries church and her organization with Daniel Kolenda illusive devoted to endeavoursod and making a contrast within the world through evangelism and service.

How Does She Liquefy Her Spouse?
Rebekah Kolenda considered at Brownsville Restoration School. She met her future spouse when she was a young person. The companionships steadily created into a genuine connections. The couple got hitched approximately 15 a long time prior. Presently the couple has 5 children (2 girls and 3 children). A lady spends most of her free time with her family.
Evangelists can tell the subtle elements of a sentimental assembly in a few kind of earnest meet. Be that as it may, they devote their lives to other individuals and diligently deny to center the public’s consideration ontheir identities.

Full title Rebekah Kolenda
Occupation Devout figure
Date of Birth The 1980s (41 a long time ancient)
Family status Married
Height/Weight – cm/ – kg

Net Worth
Rebekah Kolenda’s net worth is 200-300 thousand dollars.

Individual Address
Sorrento, FL
Full Title:
Rebekah D Kolenda
Known as:
Rebekah Diane Kolenda Rebekah
Kolenda Rebekah Ewart Rebekah Kolenda
Related to:
Melissa Ewart, 44 Catherine A Smith, 68 Gloria Ewart Daniel Kolenda Cathy M Beppler, 71
Kaye Parsons, 84 Maxine Parsons, 56 Steven P Lewis, 42 Steven P Lewis, 64 Stanley Parsons, 86
Sorrento, FL Winter Cultivate, FL Orlando, FL Lutz, FL Plant City, FL Valrico, FL Holy person Petersburg, FL
Age: 41
Occupation: Bolster Master

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